Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ALA Awards, Grants, Scholarships

The American Library Association is huge, has lots of divisions, and even more awards, grants, and scholarships. ALA now has a searchable database. It takes a lot of time and energy to look through the list and even more commitment to apply or nominate a person or project. Often you hear that some awards are not given out because no one applied for them. More frustrating is when you apply, get others to write supporting letters, and then hear nothing -- not even that you didn't make the top candidates list. It means that serious applicants need to follow up. Follow up regularly. Regular feedback from the award/grant/scholarship contact would be appreciated, too.

Below is a sampling of ALA's alphabetical list, but searchable database is better option. This list might inspire a few librarians and library advocates to sharpen their writing talents.

Award, Grant or Scholarship Name

ABC-CLIO Online History Award (Book, Print & Media)
Achievement Award (Professional Recognition)
Advancement of Literacy Award (Professional Recognition)
AIA/ALA Library Building Awards (Professional Recognition)
Alex Awards (Book, Print & Media)
Hugh C. Atkinson Memorial Award (Professional Recognition)
Ross Atkinson Lifetime Achievement Award (Professional Recognition)
Baker & Taylor Awards for Friends Groups (Professional Recognition)
Mildred L. Batchelder Award (Book, Print & Media)
Pura Belpre Award (Book, Print & Media)
Best Books for Young Adults (Book, Print & Media)
Best Friends Awards (Professional Recognition)
Best of LRTS Award (Book, Print & Media)
Beta Phi Mu Award (Professional Recognition)
Blackwell's Scholarship Award (Book, Print & Media)
The Amelia Bloomer Book List (Book, Print & Media)
Book Trailer Contest (Book, Print & Media)
Booklist Editors' Choice: Media (Book, Print & Media)
Booklist's Top of the List (Book, Print & Media)
Cathleen Bourdon Service Award (Professional Recognition)
Sophie Brody Award (Book, Print & Media)
Brett Butler Entrepreneurship Award (Professional Recognition)

Randolph Caldecott Medal (Book, Print & Media)
Francis Joseph Campbell Award (Professional Recognition)
Candlewick Light the Way Grant (Professional Recognition)
Andrew Carnegie Medal (Book, Print & Media)
Century Scholarship (Scholarship)
James Bennett Childs Award (Professional Recognition)
David Cohen Multicultural Award (Book, Print & Media)
Jean E. Coleman Library Outreach Lecture (Professional Recognition)
Collaborative School Library Media Award (Professional Recognition)
Gordon M. Conable Award (Professional Recognition)
Eileen Cooke State & Local Madison (Professional Recognition)

Dartmouth Medal (Book, Print & Media)
Donald G. Davis Article Award (Book, Print & Media)
Melvil Dewey Medal (Professional Recognition)
Distinguished School Administrator Award (Professional Recognition)
AASL Distinguished Service Award (Professional Recognition)
ALSC Distinguished Service Award (Professional Recognition)
FAFLRT Distinguished Service Award (Professional Recognition)
Diversity and Outreach Fair (Professional Recognition)
Diversity Research Grant (Professional Recognition)

Margaret A. Edwards Award (Book, Print & Media)
Equality Award (Professional Recognition)
Jackie Eubanks Memorial Award (Professional Recognition)
Ex Libris Student Writing Award (Book, Print & Media)
Excellence in Academic Libraries Award (Professional Recognition)
Exceptional Service Award (Professional Recognition)

Fabulous Films for Young Adults (Book, Print & Media)

GALE Multicultural Award (Professional Recognition)
Theodor Seuss Geisel Award (Book, Print & Media)
Genealogical Publishing Company Award (Professional Recognition)
Eliza Atkins Gleason Book Award (Book, Print & Media)
Great Books Giveaway Competition (Professional Recognition)
Great Graphic Novels for Teens (Book, Print & Media)
Great Web Sites for Kids (Book, Print & Media)
Group Achievement Award (Professional Recognition)

Highsmith Library Innovation Award (Professional Recognition)
Honorary Membership (Professional Recognition)
Honors Award (Professional Recognition)
Paul Howard Award for Courage (Professional Recognition)
Zora Neale Hurston Award (Professional Recognition)
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John Phillip Immroth Memorial Award (Professional Recognition)
Information Technology Pathfinder Award (Professional Recognition)
Intellectual Freedom Award (Professional Recognition)
Innovation Award (Book, Print & Media)


Coretta Scott King Book Awards (Book, Print & Media)
Coretta Scott King Book Donation Grant (Professional Recognition)

L. Ray Patterson Copyright Award (Professional Recognition)
Marta Lange/CQ Press Award (Professional Recognition)
Leadership Achievement Award (Professional Recognition)
Leadership Award (Professional Recognition)
Leadership in Library Acquisitions Award (Professional Recognition)
Joseph W. Lippincott Award (Professional Recognition)
Literacy Award (Professional Recognition)

James Madison Award (Professional Recognition)
Major Benefactors Honor Award (Professional Recognition)
Margaret Mann Citation (Professional Recognition)
MARS Achievement Recognition Certificate (Professional Recognition)
Allie Beth Martin Award (Professional Recognition)
William C. Morris Debut YA Award (Book, Print & Media)
Isadore Gilbert Mudge Award (Professional Recognition)

John Newbery Medal (Book, Print & Media)
Notable Books for Adults (Book, Print & Media)
Notable Children's Books (Book, Print & Media)
Notable Children's Recordings (Book, Print & Media)
Notable Children's Videos (Book, Print & Media)
Notable Videos for Adults (Book, Print & Media)

Eli M. Oboler Memorial Award (Professional Recognition)
Outstanding Collaboration Citation (Professional Recognition)
Outstanding Reference Sources (Book, Print & Media)

Esther J. Piercy Award (Professional Recognition)
President's Award (Professional Recognition)
President's Crystal Apple Award (Professional Recognition)
Presidential Citations (Professional Recognition)
Michael L. Printz Award (Book, Print & Media)
Professional Achievement Award (Professional Recognition)
ProQuest Scholarship (Scholarship)
Public Service Award (Professional Recognition)


Rainbow Project Book List (Book, Print & Media)
The Reading List (Book, Print & Media)
Reference Service Press Award (Book, Print & Media)
Charlie Robinson Award (Professional Recognition)

Schneider Family Book Award (Book, Print & Media)
Scholastic Library Publishing Award (Professional Recognition)
John Sessions Memorial Award (Professional Recognition)
Special Presidential Recognition Award (Professional Recognition)
Spectrum Scholarship (Scholarship)
Stonewall Book Awards (Book, Print & Media)
Student Chapter of the Year Award (Professional Recognition)

Teen's Top Ten (Book, Print & Media)

Ulrich's Serials Librarianship Award (Professional Recognition)


Laura Ingalls Wilder Award (Book, Print & Media)


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