Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SuperLibraries - A Wiki

Southern California teacher librarian Marie Slim created a special SuperLibraries wiki, devoted to professional development to strengthen all librarians.

Marie states: "Some of our best and brightest, our movers and shakers, have been sidelined by these budget cutbacks. Their SuperLibrary Powers have been frozen in time by Administrators and School Districts who still DON'T KNOW WHAT WE DO!

Collectively, we can share our SuperLibrary Powers, develop new Powers and serve as resources for each other (TL's, LMTechs, TOSA's, classified management, etc). AND we can work to bring back our SuperColleagues.

As their colleague-in-arms, I have created a wiki for ALL CALIFORNIA School Library staff (CSLA, ALA, AASL, CLA, undeclared, anyone) to share their powers and COMMIT to professional development that will strengthen us all! This wiki is also for any of our "sidelined" colleagues to join as well!!!"

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