Sunday, November 30, 2008

Library and Book Lovers' Gift Guide - What's New?

Happy holidays to my book-loving friends!

Each year over the Thanksgiving holidays, I update my "Gift Guide for Library and Book Lovers" hotlist. I created it YEARS ago as a lark, when I was demonstrating the power of Filamentality, a free online hotlist builder by AT&T's Education Advocate Team. Check out the categories and collections, then let me know if you know of any additional bookish (not books!) sites that would enhance this list. Categories include: Gifts Fashion Decorations Reading and Library Advocacy Library Foundations & Philanthropy International Reading & Library Programs

New items came from a mix of California art and wine street fairs and suggestions from librarians across North America. Here are a few of the new:
If your library or library FRIENDS' group has a blog that uses AdSense or other fundraising tool, this might be a good hotlist to link to and promote in order to drive more people to your site. If you do that, let me know how it goes. That might be a productive fundraising model. Note: the hotlist is text-only, so it is easy to "select all", "copy" and "paste" into WORD so you can add your own graphics. Enjoy!

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ckubala said...

Thanks for the great guide. I'm always looking for literary gifts.

Each year I purchase The Book Lover's Calendar for our library. I place it out at our circulation desk. This one book a day calendar, Page-A-Day by Workman gives patrons something to look at if they need to wait to check out their materials. I have also given it as a gift to my bookie friends. I usually try to find it at a buy one get one free deal and love that you can register at their website and get an additional free online calendar for the year.