Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Top Choice for Online Public Library Descriptors: Internet Access

Over the past week/weekend, I had a mini-poll on my blog. This is NOT in any way statistically significant or elaborate, but... when librarians considered the list of key descriptors I used for my blog poll, all agreed with "Internet Access" as a top descriptor. I agree, and in fact when I point that out to non-library-going workers in the business world it is an "ah, ha! -- makes sense -- hadn't thought of libraries as a place to go for Internet access."
  • Internet Access or Wifi (90%)

  • Books and More to Borrow (75%)

  • Literacy Programs (35%)

  • Business Research (30%)

  • Childrens Books (20%)

  • Library Cards (20%)

  • Book Clubs (15%)

  • Geneology Research (10%)
Of course, many librarians let me know that there were words that they would have used that were missing from the list. Other descriptors that were recommened included "teens" or "jobs" or "resume writing" or "online databases" -- the list goes on. Regular library users know or should know that these many things are available at the library, but the point of adding these descriptors to online directories is to help people "stumple upon" their own local library as a solution to their information needs.

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