Sunday, November 30, 2008

free2(fill-in-the-blank) Library Advertising Campaign

The Bay Area Library & Information System (BALIS) launched its Free2 library advertising campaign statewide and invites other California libraries to join.

Joining Free2 gives a library access to the Free2 intranet with the style and messaging guide, BBMG visual language and brand book, and many samples of materials produced by participating libraries, such as bookmarks, vendor information and specifications for mouse pads, stickers, posters, tee-shirts, just to name a few free2 products, as well as support and ideas in using free2 successfully. Contact Terry Jackson for how your library can join.

Think of the promotional freedom: free2Vote, free2Create, free2Give, free2Podcast. The list goes on and on. How about free2Borrow'N'BrowseBooks or free2READ.

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