Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Big Dog and Little Friend Mini-BookMarks

Back-to-school time is around the corner. Several new characters have been added to the growing collection of mini bookmarks that promote strong libraries, strong students.  Visit the mini-bookmark page, download as many sets of bookmarks as you wish. Click on  FREE to download, print, and distribute.

Big Dog (Loki, a brindle-colored terrier) and Little Dog (Ivy, a miniature pincher-chihuahua mix) have joined their bookmark friends. Both love good books and enjoy nothing more than hearing a good story!

Here are some ways these bookmarks and promotions for strong libraries are used. How will you use them? Let us know.
  • Attach or insert seasonal bookmarks with holiday greetings, meeting reminders, thank you notes to donors and volunteers, or new library books.  
  • Offer a wide selection of mini bookmarks at each Back-to-school, Site Council, PTA, School Board Meeting, workshop and conference. Use the bookmarks to start a conversation and advocate for your library. 
  • Include a set or several sets of bookmarks in a book gift basket as a raffle or silent auction item.
  • Carry a small supply of mini bookmarks with you at all times -- you never know when you can use them as conversation starters!

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