Friday, August 27, 2010

Get Your Geek On - Public Library Advocacy Campaign

Public Libraries in Georgia and Iowa have introduced an advocacy program called "Get Your Geek On". It is open to all states and public libraries. The page first quizzes you a series of short questions about public libraries, leading the reader to become a public library advocate (or not).

The geekthelibrary website features geeks and invites viewer to type in what they "geek".  When you type in your topic (like "reading" or "music" or whatever... a new page comes up and says: "No matter what you geek, the library helps you explore your passion."

The "Get Your Geek On" campaign also has a shop (Customize your own Geek Gear) and social networking accounts:  Facebook, Flicker, YouTube, and Twitter pages for supporters to follow.  Very interesting approach to building advocacy.  I like it!  Pass it on.

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