Sunday, April 25, 2010

Artwork from Kazu Kibuishi: Save School Libraries

Pat Nelson has sent California Teacher Librarian Marie Slim an image from another childrens book illustrator, to help advocate for school libraries. The Kazu Kibuishi art is on Marie's School Library Advocacy Wiki.

Here is his message to Marie Slim:
"Since the struggle for school library funding is still being fought, I thought I'd send another piece of artwork to help the cause. This one is from Kazu Kibuishi. He has many books out with Scholastic, most notably the Amulet series (two books now), Copper, and the Flight anthologies. The Amulet books have been optioned for a movie by Will Smith. He is an amazing illustrator and his graphic novels are huge sellers for us. He lives in the Alhambra area and does a lot of events at local stores and schools. I think this would be great as a bookmark or poster." - Pat Nelson

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