Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Duck, Duck, Dewey - Game for Grades K-5

My friend loves ducks. Has had a duck as a pet her whole life. She grew up to be a kindergarten teacher. Every time I see a cute duck toy, I think of my friend. Well, thank-you, UpStart library promotions for introducing the game "Duck, Duck, Dewey". It looks like a fun way to teach the Dewey Decimal Catalog System to elementary school students.

The game includes 10 little vinyl duckies, each dressed differently to represent different subject headings. According to the description in the catalog, the duck representing literature is dressed as Shakespeare, while the duck representing sports and recreation wears a baseball outfit. You can also order an extra set of Dewey Ducks OR a set of design-your-own ducks! My friend will soon get a fun surprise in her mail box! This item definitely belongs on my other blog, "Gift Guide for Library and Book Lovers"and is something fun to "tweet" about.

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