Saturday, April 4, 2009

Read Me A Story Before I go to Bed - Acrostic Poem

Look at those sleepy eyes.
Instill a love for reading
Before the lights go out each night.
Remember when you were little and said "read me a story before I go to bed"
And "read one more, please!"
Read to your baby.
Yawn. Day is done.

Acrostic poems have a secret word that runs down one side...
Do you see it? What poem would you make with a word like "BOOKWORM" or "FICTION" or "STORYTIME". Writing poetry is fun, especially when it is for yourself, friends, or family and not something to be graded. After all these years, I'm re-discovering it.

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Florence said...

Nice Poem indeed. We are going to do some acrostic poems in our book club. And I'll post them on our blog
Thank you for inspiring us. Florence