Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Valentine Candy Fundraiser

Liana, Library Media Technician at Fallon School in Dublin, CA suggests a Sees Candy fundraiser for Valentine's Day. Theme is "We (insert heart graphic) Books". Students know that this money is only for new releases and books that students have requested. Minimal time and effort. Bottom line: $900 to $1,500.

A quick web search on "Valentines Day Fundraiser" yielded additional ideas beyond candy: selling roses, red balloons, raffle, auction. ADVANCE PUBLICITY is key to successful fundraising. Get the word out in all sorts of ways including your website, print and eNewsletters, posters, gatherings (school sports events), e-mail and listservs, web 2.0 tools like Twitter and text messages. Be creative and have fun. Invite young people to promote the fun.

Be sure to visit Library Lovers Month by Stephanie Stokes Design. It seems like only yesterday that Stephanie came up with her fantastic brainstorm and followed up with a long-lasting gift to libraryland.

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