Monday, January 12, 2009

Recycle to Read - school library fundraiser

Schools and school libraries never seem to have enough funds for school libraries. In light of California's incredible budget shortfall, a question was asked on the California school library listserv about how to raise money for books.

Two teacher librarians responded that they recycled school cans and bottles to earn money for books. (Is this in your job description?) Here is how Mary at Lompoc High School Library raises money for young adult fiction: "About three years ago my colleague Bea recognized 'gold' in a litter display I had made. She said, "You know Mary, there are a lot of recyclable materials in your display." She teamed up with CSF, and now the Drama Club, library TA's, a few student volunteers, Bea and I pick up all the bottles and cans that students use here on the LHS campus. I go out during my lunch hour to pick up after the lunch crowd, and then throughout the week and on Friday's we have students who pick up the bottles from bins that are in classrooms.

This program is called, "Recycle to Read," and I project that we will clear close to $3,000 this year. It has taken three years, but all the classrooms have bins now, and I get most of the bottles after lunch. There is a Special Education class that picks up the cans and bottles from the cafeteria and they also get the ones that are just left around on the patio after lunch.

All this money goes for YA fiction. The first picks are the ones that kids recommend, but then we also are able to buy other good choices that we think they will like. It is a lot of work, but it does a lot of good."

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