Friday, December 19, 2008

The Book Bike

While searching Google for images, I searched "book bike" remembering an image from years ago that had a bike rider with back baskets full of books. An article popped up on Google dated August 27, 2008 with the heading "The Book Bike: One man's quest to put random books in random people's hands, randomly." An accompanying photo showed a cart that appeared to be attached to the front portion of a bicycle. It looked like the cart expanded or opened up with display shelves. Better than an ice cream cart at a park on a sunny day.

Apparently, on Saturdays Gabe Levinson peddles his Book Bike to ramdom locations within the city of Chicago and gives away books. Unlike a public library book mobile, the Book Bike gives away books with no expectation of getting them back. No library card required. The article refers to the Book Bike website. Between July 5 and December 2008, the Book Bike has given away 700+ new books. How fun!

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