Saturday, August 23, 2008

READ Mini-Posters - NEW from ALA

Seen first on the Ms Mac, Library Lady blog, who learned about it on the Librarian in Black blog, is the American Library Association's cool fill-in-a-face-or-photo READ mini-poster. In just 3-4 easy steps, you can:
  1. Choose a photo on your computer (Browse...)
  2. Select one of four styles: Americana, Newspaper, Techno, or Rocket
  3. Add TEXT (optional)
  4. CREATE.

The first few photos I experimented with didn't work well -- too blury or simply rejected. Here is one with my summer avatar wearing a "READ" T-shirt. there are 4 poster options. This one is the Techno style, which allowed my avatar's head to be visible.

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