Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ALA Exhibits 2008 - Anaheim, CA

DEMCO is one of my favorite sources of Library, Literacy, and Reading items like book marks and t-shirts. So, I visited their exhibit at the annual American Library Association conference. There was no line, so I hopped in the beach buggy for a quick photo opportunity.

Every library should have at least one photo opportunity -- what would they look like? Giant book covers with special titles under a "window" opening for special characters on the cover? Or cut out scenes and characters from books -- like Harry Potter and friends, Eragon the dragon -- let your imaginations soar. What a great new business or DEMCO product line. You heard it first on Advocate4Libraries!

These days, many of us carry cell phones with cameras and can easily take a fun photo and send it to a friend or bunch of friends -- along with a message to meet at the library. Sounds fun.

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