Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Int'l School Library DAY Expands to MONTH

International School Library Month Coordinator (IASL) Rick Mulholland announced the following:

International School Library Day just got a whole lot bigger. In fact, it has grown into International School Library Month (ISLM). This change was approved by the IASL Board in late 2007 in order to accommodate the many ways that school library personnel were celebrating ISLD. It was decided that each country, province, state, and even school can choose their own specific day, week or even the whole month of October to celebrate school libraries.
In the coming months, the website will be updated to reflect the change from ISLD to ISLM. At this time, the revised ISLM logo is available for your use to promote your celebrations (please note: This logo is to be used for publicising
International School Library Month and is not for commercial purposes).

As coordinator I am pleased to announce that the ISLM committee has chosen LITERACY AND LEARNING AT YOUR SCHOOL LIBRARY as the 2008 International School Library Day Month theme.

Rick Mulholland
School District #36 (Surrey)
International School Library Month Coordinator (IASL)

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