Saturday, December 2, 2006

Tribute Fund - Recognize Friends and Family

At this time of year, do you get asked for gift ideas, but have everything you need and don't want more ties or jewelry? In addition to asking for a gift card to your favorite book store, why not suggest a donation to your local library's Tribute fund?

There is no postage, handling or other incovenience when a far-away relative donates to your hometown Public Library Foundation's Tribute Fund. In the case of the San Mateo Public Library, for example, the form asks for a subject area. If you are a mystery buff, business tycoon, or parent, you have a variety of subjects to select: Mystery, Business Reference, or Childrens books. See

Or, to think bigger, how about donating a book for each member of your book club, child's 4th grade class, or all the employees that work with you?

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