Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Do Libraries Lend Fundraising Tools?

We've heard of tool-lending libraries.  Why not fundraising tool-lending libraries?  

Do you know of any libraries or organizations that have fundraising tools like wishing wells/coin tosses to loan to schools & nonProfits for fundraising? 

For example, what would be the reaction to a team of students bringing a wishing well to a Homecoming football game or all home games to collect change for the school library, to "Change the Story" about how the school libraries of the 21st century are different -- books, eBooks, computers, wifi, etc.  Students could be dressed up as literary characters or in school colors.  Or, kick off the coin toss fund raiser with a school library book fair and then take it on the road.  Or rotate the schools.  Keep loaning out the coin toss to drive up public awareness.

Each county or community should get right on this idea.  Make it a New Years Resolution.  We all have extra change in pockets, change purses, jam jars and drawer bottoms.  Other ideas?

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