Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Big-Eyed Readers Ask "What Are You Reading?"

What are you reading? We want to know! What a great conversation starter.
See the new "What Are You Reading?" design series at and select individual reading characters or several together.  These big-eyed readers peek over their books, taking time to listen to what books you are reading.  Enjoy!

Please tell us which character is your favorite by taking our 4-question POLL.  Thank you!


chwms said...

As always Jackie, your creativity is endless! These are fabulous and would be perfect on our websites,as bookmarks, and on other cafe press items :)

Diane Alexander said...

I love these! The second one is the most useful as it is general, but I love the Halloween one. Are you going to sell these? A big company like Demco might buy them from you. Diane