Thursday, January 27, 2011

What If Einstein Could Afford a Library Card?

The clever video, What if Einstein Could Afford a Library Card? was created by Heather Teysko, who adds this commentary: "[California] Governor Brown's budget proposes to end all statewide funding for libraries. That means no more reciprocal borrowing. Libraries will have to charge out-of-area patrons. Information will no longer be freely available to everyone. What would the world have looked like if people like Einstein didn't have free access to a library?"

In difficult times, some really counterproductive and misinformed decisions are made.  It is important to speak up and make visible the implications of ideas and potential decisions that are being made. Access to books and online resources are key to American democracy and innovation.  Why isn't this obvious?  Speak up!  Thank you, Teysko!

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