Saturday, December 18, 2010

University Library Hip Hop Video - Robarts Mansion

University of Toronto's Library is the focus of "Robarts Mansion" (play off Thugz Mansion by Tupac)

Mezmerizing and fun.  Youtube lists the Lyrics and more:
Robarts Mansion as performed by GEAK;
a little music video about everyone's favorite spot at UofT.
Written by: Gadda Damballa, Eliot Kim and Karim Ennadouri.
Directed by: James Cambria and Jordan Kennington.

This song respectfully samples the wonderful song Thugz Mansion by Tupac. All rights are reserved, so by all means go and also checkout the original by the greatest that ever was and see where we got our inspiration!


Shit, I'm tired of trying to study at home, and ending up on Facebook, watching TV or, falling asleep.
Us U of T students need a spot where we can study, a spot where we belong, thats just for us.
We ain't gotta get dressed up, just show up in jammies and not worry what people think.
Na mean?
Where do we go after hours? Ain't no spot for an over-caffeinated undergrad, thats why we go to Robarts Mansion.
Thats the only place where we can read in peace and you gotta be from U of T.
At Robarts Mansion.

A place for late night study times,
to buckle down so many exams in this life of mine
I cry at times, I once contemplated a doctor's note,
and woulda tried but when i held my side, he didn't believe that my hip had broke
No one knows my struggle, marks getting lower and lower,
not knowing its hard with Attention Deficit Disorder
Picture me inside the misery of ADD,
no one has ever witnessed shittier marks at U of T
Praying hard for better grades, try not to study late,
but me and my dawgs ain't have a choice but to procrastinate
We finally found a spot to kick it,
where we can drink red bull and no one bickers over trick shit
A spot where Asians smoke in peace,
and even though we g's we visualize a place where we can read in peace,
And in my mind, I
hope I don't get caffeine withdrawal
They got a spot for us all,
Red Bull and all,
At Robarts Mansion.

Ain't no place I'd rather read,
Hiding from students and family
Sky-high thirteenth floor studying
In the sky (At Robarts Mansion)
Ain't no place I'd rather read,
Only place that's right for me
Peacock- shaped Mansion on Harbord street
At U of T(At Robarts Mansion)

Will I survive all the nights in the darkness, I don't think so
just read the same line five times, man I'm slow
I shed pen mark tears,
I can't sleep it's uncomfortable in here,
I see my peers fail midterms year after year
seen their GPAs just vanish,
Our so called majors change and change
please explain why they wont guide us
Is university a dirty game?
Will I be a victim of OSAP, making minimum wage?
My stomach's jealous cause these books only feed my head,
Subway sounds good but man I'm in debt
Is there a spot for me to go that costs less?
Man I think I found it, right outside SS
How could I resist thee,
free gravy and a large fries at the price of only 3.50$
I gotta get back inside, its getting chilly, plus its almost 10:50
Don't lock me out, of Robarts Mansion


Dear mama I'm stressin' your baby boy is shook
I got an essay to print out and these people are on Facebook
Seen a movie at Media Commons last night,
it was alright, but the screen was too small,
and the headphones, were too tight
Then head down to second floor cause I'm hungry
take out money and get charged a fee,
cause I'm not with TD
Head over to Whokking On Wheels, tell the chef that he's my idol but I wish his speech, was subtitled
Maybe now you can tell, Robarts has flaws you may ignore;
Lights that turn on by themselves and no cells on some floors
But think of all the students that you knew that have passed
with flying colours cause in Robarts they found peace at last
Picture a place where they can study, unbothered
They call it Robarts, we just say 'heaven on Harbord'
So right before I cease to speak, all I'm askin'
remember these GEAK's save us some seats
at Robarts Mansion


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