Saturday, December 18, 2010

Starbooks -- Book Club Fund Raiser

Livingston (CA) High School Teacher Librarian Tony Doyle and his school library book club kids held a "Starbooks" fund raiser.  Here is Tony's report on the successful first-time event:

"Our Book Club held it's first Library Cafe ("Starbooks") fund raiser this week.  We have been on finals schedule the last two days so we sold coffee, hot chocolate, instant cappuccino, and muffins before school.  We had a 1/2 price sale after school today.  We set up near the back door and sold inside and outside to the skater crowd that hangs out behind the library.  We took in over $200 in less than 3 hours total.  Profits worked out to around $125.  A lot of kids were asking when we were going to do it again.  We didn't have a single spilled drink in the library and only one cup left on a table (the faculty made a much bigger mess during our Toys for Tots luncheon yesterday).  It was a lot of work but also lots of fun.  The Book Clubbers really enjoyed it."

Wonder if local Starbucks stores would want to promote the idea at other times throughout the year? Tony is also a book reviewer for School Library Journal, so maybe that publication will put a spotlight on the idea of book club fund raisers for libraries.

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