Monday, October 25, 2010

Book Marks and More - Library Media & PR

Looking for book mark designs that you can print yourself rather than buy from a library vendor?  For example, want a fun Friday-the-13th book mark that says "Get Lucky!  Check out a good book!"?  Or put "Boo" in book mark with Halloween book marks.

There is a series of Library Lovers Month book marks that have catchy statements that would be fun for daily Tweets such as:
  • My love speaks volumes
  • We're like book-ends
  • Your the best chapter of my life
  • and many more...
Some websites stay relevant for decades.  One really useful one is the Library Media & PR site by Stephanie Stokes Design.  The tag line is "Strategies, Techniques, Resources, Tips and Tools for Library Communications.

Stephanie is the creative genius behind "Library Lovers Month" (February).

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