Sunday, May 30, 2010

Role of Libraries - Chart by Minnesota Libraries Collaborative

Libraries play a role in a student's life as well as an adult's life. A chart like Minnesota Libraries Collaborative's "Role of Libraries Pre-K-20 & Beyond: Lifelong Learning" could be modified for each state, with links to State Model School Library Standards. It is rare that school, public, academic, and special library roles are presented alongside one another [outside of libraryland]. It would be even more powerful with images of people of all ages. For more detail, see MINITEX Director Bill DeJohn.

This is the kind of chart I've been imagining for years, but with more grade-level detail and silhouettes of children going up-up-up a staircase or escalator holding both books and digital devices. Now that California is about to get approval for Model School Library Standards, standard could be linked to each step or grade level.

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