Friday, April 23, 2010



Dear Elected School Board sitting there today

I wish I was standing in front of you because I have something to say

I want to save the libraries; I want to save the books

I want to preserve a basic need so children can sit in nooks

I plead on behalf of Andrew; I plead on behalf of Kate

Who come in the library every day, as soon as they’re through the gate!

I plead on behalf of Felix; I plead on behalf of Reese

Who like to come in and pick up a book in a place of sanctuary and peace!

I beg on behalf of Ella; I beg on behalf of Mack

Who fell in love with Bill Peet and now do not look back

I beg on behalf of Kinder, I read to them every week

They’re always happy to see me and always anxious to speak

I beg on behalf of teachers who need to get in the door

When looking for something for STULL day that shows a little bit more

I implore on behalf of parents, busy with car pools and life

Knowing their kids can get books at school helps a bit with the strife!

I plead on behalf of “Shiloh”; I plead on behalf of “Holes”

Books about mushrooms or dolphins, presidents, artists or moles

I plead on behalf of “Despereaux”; I plead on behalf of “Hoot”

I plead on behalf of the library aides about to be given the boot!

You need to let us stay open; you need to let someone care

So that when they come in at recess, the books will still be there!

If the doors do not remain open, if the doors are forced to be locked

Then millions of hungry brain cells from life-changing words will be blocked!

I hope that you all get the message; I hope that you will see the light

And allow us to do what we do best; we’ll never give up the fight

Libraries are REALLY IMPORTANT, libraries shape students’ lives

Access to books in a nice quiet place and just about everyone thrives

Don’t tell me about “extra” money don’t tell me there was a choice

Library aides work really hard but nobody gave us a voice

Don’t abandon the libraries, don’t allow them to wither and die

Dear School Board who “hold all the cards” please hear my desperate cry!

Carole Koneff

Library Aide – Third Street Elementary

April 23, 2010

From Carole Koneff: "I sent the attached poem about the importance of libraries to the LAUSD School Board, Mr. Cortines and whoever else wants to read it today. I wanted to share it with the group after my rant of a posting yesterday."

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