Monday, March 8, 2010

Books About Libraries and Librarians -- Booklinks

The March 2010 issue of Booklinks (by Book List) features a classroom connections article by Reference Librarian Mary Northrup on "Love Those Libraries: Books about libraries and librarians". Mary's article includes descriptions and illustrations. Books listed:
  • The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians. By Carla Morris. 2007.
  • The Legend of Spud Murphy. By Eoin Colfer. 2004.
  • Library Lion. By Kevin Hawkes. 2006.
  • Miss Smith and the Haunted Library. By Michael Garland. 2009.
  • Mrs. Roopy Is Loopy! By Dan Gutman. 2004.
  • That Book Woman. By Heather Henson. 2008.
  • It's Library Day. By Janet Morgan. 2008.
  • Lola at the Library. By Anna McQuinn. 2006.
  • Mind Your Manners. By B.B. Wolf. 2007.
  • Our Library. By Eve Bunting. 2008.
  • Read It, Don't Eat It! By Ian Schoenherr. 2009.
  • Ron's Big Mission. By Rose Blue. 2009.
  • When The Library Lights Go Out. By Megan McDonald. 2005.
  • The Wonderful Thing About Hiccups. By Cece Meng. 2007.
  • Bats at the Library. By Brian Lies. 2008.
  • The Best Book to Read. By Debbie Bertram and Susan Bloom. 2008.
  • But Excuse Me, That Is My Book. By Lauren Child. 2006.
  • I Believe in Unicorns. By Michael Morpurgo. 2006.
  • Library Mouse. By Daniel Kirk. 2007.
  • The Little Red Fish. By Taeeun Yoo. 2007.
  • Wild About Books. By Judy Sierra. 2004.
  • Winston the Book Wolf. By Marni McGee. 2006.
  • The Librarian of Basra: A True Story from Iraq. By Jeanette Winter. 2005.
  • The Storyteller's Candle / La Velita de los Cuentos. By Lucia Gonzalez. 2008.
Note: This is a more comprehensive list than the one discussed a few months ago. See my earlier post on kids books about libraries.

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