Friday, March 26, 2010

Applause for Public Librarians - PLA in Portland

Singer Natalie Merchant praised public librarians when she gave a surprise performance of her new CD of poems set to music, "Leave Your Sleep" at the Public Library Association conference in Portland, OR. Merchant said “I spent my entire childhood at the library” and pledged her devotion to libraries, especially at a time when "we’re all making budget cuts."

According to American Libraries Magazine Inside Scoop article by Leonard Kniffel, "she closed with a rousing version of her song “Kind and Generous,” dedicating it to librarians and dancing through the audience to express her gratitude: “You’ve been so kind and generous. I don’t know how you keep on giving. For your kindness, I’m in debt to you. For your selflessness, my admiration. For everything you’ve done, you know I’m bound, I’m bound to thank you for it,” she sang, to appreciative applause." Here is a 4-minute music video of Kind and Generous from YouTube:

A 10-minute performance is also on YouTube -- minus the circus. Very nice!

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