Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ventura High School Library - Marathon Fundraiser

Ventura High School Teacher Librarian Susan Adamich has announced that she is "taking steps (literally!) to raise support and awareness for our school libraries. I am working now to be proactive in raising funding for the school library so that any future reductions in the budget will not be a fatal blow to the school libraries or librarians in the Ventura Unified School District....On March 21, 2010, I will walk in my 8th Los Angeles Marathon. I am asking you to consider a donation of $26.20 to the Ventura High School library for the 26.2 miles I will be walking."

"Please share this with your network of friends and family who value school libraries and would be willing to give their support. We need people who believe in the worth of school libraries! Especially in Ventura, with the closure of our most popular branch of the public library, the school libraries are even more important to our students."

Susan goes on to say in her letter to parents, "This year I am beginning on a small scale and fundraising for my own school; but I am already thinking of next year and walking the marathon to raise support for ALL of our K-12 school libraries in the Ventura Unified School District. Maybe you would like to consider walking or running the LA Marathon and joining me in some school library fundraising?"

Training on March 22! Hope Susan will keep her supporters posted via a blog or "tweets". Best wishes!

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