Thursday, February 11, 2010

LIBRARY - Poem by Carole Koneff

LIBRARY (Sung to the tune of “Agony” from Into the Woods by Sondheim)

Retold by Carole Koneff – May, 2009, Los Angeles, CA

There is a person who’s quietly at the circulation desk

A brilliant librarian eagerly waiting to do their best


It’s a place full of books

You can read there all day

There is so much to learn

And it’s full of great nooks


It’s a place you can read

You can search for a book

The computers are free

And find just what you need

Finding a book that’s just right for you, you only need ask

The librarian will help you find what you need they are up to the task


You can lose yourself there

You get lost in a book

Become one with the page

In a nice comfy chair

It is important that jobs are secured to help people to read

Librarians with know how are crucial to seeing that they can succeed


Please stop making these cuts

It’s important to read

To be who you believe

And it hurts in our guts


We will fight to the death

To keep funding alive

And the doors open wide

With our very last breath

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