Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Library Musical Chairs - Grades 1-2

Palo Alto Elementary School Teacher Librarian Pam O uses the game of musical chairs for introducing young students to a wide variety of books, before a library book fair. Here are her directions:

"I put the chairs in a circle and put one book on each chair. (For book fair, I use books that the book fair has that the library also owns if I don't have enough I borrow actual books from the book fair.) I put the music on and the children walk until the music stops. Then they sit on that chair and preview the book. When the music starts again they carefully put the book back on the chair and go around again until the music stops and then preview that new book. I never eliminate a chair, it is just a fun way to get the kids walking around and preview some of the books."

She uses Book Fair BINGO for students in grades 3-6.

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