Wednesday, January 13, 2010

InvenTeam High School Grants - Teacher Librarians

Grant descriptions often do not specifically include librarians as eligible applicants or members of teams, so it is useful to ask first. Asking first is also a good way to advocate for the role of the librarian or library. Here is a good example of a grant that lists science, math, and technology teachers but overlooked teacher librarians. When contacted, Ellen Dickenson, Invention Education Associate for the Lemelson-MIT High School Invention Grants said that teacher librarians are important team members and hopes to see more TL applicants this year. Read on:

"Thank you for your note and for your support of the InvenTeam initiative. We do not discount applicants who are not teachers in STEM fields, and in fact have heard that teacher librarians are vital to InvenTeams-- not only in assisting with background research, but in helping to prepare the grant applications. I’m looking forward to seeing some applications from teacher librarians this year!" -- Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams: Inspiring a new generation of inventors

So, how about public or academic librarians who assist people in seeking grants? Why not suggest that they include you or your library in the grant application. Authors often give credit to the librarians at the library or libraries where they did their research. Something to think about.

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