Sunday, January 31, 2010

February is Love Your Library Month

California School Library Association Northern Section President and Teacher Librarian Tom Kahn alerted members of the CSLA to California School Libraries SNAP. February is Library Lovers Month. He urges members to share photos of what is happening in your library.

Rules are simple:

1. Photos will be accepted from current CSLA individual members only (both paraprofessional and professional)

2. Photos should be tagged as follows:
A. Students Access Information -- Students access information by applying their knowledge of the organization of libraries, print materials, digital media, and other sources.
B. Students Evaluate Information -- Students evaluate and analyze information to determine appropriateness in addressing the scope of inquiry.
C. Students Use Information -- Students organize, synthesize, create and communicate information.
D. Students Integrate Information Literacy Skills into All Areas of Learning -- Students independently pursue information to become life-long learners.

3. All photos containing easily recognizable students will need to be accompanied or followed up by a parental release form (See in my Google Docs)

4. All
those submitting photos agree to permit the California School Library Association to use the photos in press releases and other promotional materials, as well as on their website. It is understood that no payment will be received for this use. [Flickr site: ]

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