Saturday, October 24, 2009

Free Pancakes in the Library - Getting Boys to Read

The Getting Boys to Read blog carried an item on how to host a pancake breakfast to bring in (always) hungry teen boys. The article, "Free Pancakes in the library! We do it and so can you" was written by Getting Boys to Read's Mike McQueen. Mike starts by asking "Food in the library! Are we crazy? If you want boys to read, get them into the library by going after their stomachs! As part of our Extreme Library Makeover, we allow students to eat and drink in the library any time they want - even at the computers. Are we crazy? Maybe little, but heck, most adults eat and drink at their computer all the time. Are adults more careful thanks kids?..." Learn how to set up pancake breakfasts in your library and comments from other librarians on their fun food events.

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