Friday, September 4, 2009

Dr. Seuss Estate Picks Google Books

The deadline for filing opinions on the Google Book Settlement has been extended to 9/8/09, the day after the Labor Day Weekend. Opponents include the Internet Archive and the Open Book Alliance. Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. have joined with the Open Book Alliance. It is all about money and especially about "orphaned works". Opponents believe the agreement creates a de facto monopoly and unchecked pricing power over orphaned works, those for which a rights holder can't be established.

The San Francisco Chronicle's Tech Chronicles carried an item headlined "Oh, The Places Google Can Go with Book Plan." The estate of Dr. Seuss sent a letter in support of the settlement. From a letter by law firm DLA Piper LLP: "The settlement may offer a new opportunity for authors of out-of-print books to find new audiences and new sources of income for their works." ..."We believe this is likely to be an important benefit for the authors' community, for readers and for researchers."

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