Thursday, July 2, 2009

Library LIVE! - Goes Live Last Thursday in August

Library LIVE! is going "live" in August 2009. Orange County Department of Education Library Media Coordinator Glen Warren shared the following announcement about his new broadcast program on School Libraries:

Library LIVE!

Want to get the latest news that impacts school libraries and their learning communities?

Want to spread the news about 21st century school libraries?

Want to MAKE news about them?

Be a part of Library LIVE!

Beginning August 2009

The Last Thursday of Each Month

Library LIVE!

Starting the last Thursday of August 2009,

Orange County Department of Education, based in southern California, will host a monthly live INTERACTIVE broadcast of Library LIVE!

Each show targets school librarians, media specialist, and technologists across the country, featuring news about the triumphs and challenges facing the 21st century community.

The Framework of the broadcast will include four spheres of influence within education:

1. Community (educational partners)

2. Curriculum (resources and best practices)

3. Legislation (state and national policy )

4. Technology (technology trends and innovations)

Each show will feature at least one interview, with Q&A time.

And it's FREE.

You can connect TWO ways to the broadcast:

1. Through live web streaming AND/OR

2. through a video conferencing unit (e.g., Polycom or Tandberg).

The video streaming chat feature allows live interactive chat through most district firewalls.

Each broadcast will have its own unique URL link (for web streaming) and IP Address (for videoconferencing). If you would like to be a part of the Library LIVE! experience and receive up to date program information then please sign up at the below link:

If you have any questions and/or programming ideas, please contact Glen Warren at:

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