Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Librarian's Life - Little Lyrics for Librarians

Library history buff Larry T. Nix blogged about a book of Librarian Lyrics and featured a fun one called "A Librarian's Life" (see below). His blog post is "Little Lyrics for Librarians", the title of a book by William Fitch Smyth (1857-1940).

A Librarian's Life

A Librarian's life is the life for me
For there's nothing at all to do, you see,
But to sit at a desk and read new books,
And admire yourself, and think of your looks.
To questioning souls one can tartly say:
"I can't be bothered with you to-day,
For I haven't finished this novel. See?"
A librarian's life is the life for me.

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