Friday, June 26, 2009

Libraries to the Rescue - Podcasts from IMLS

The Institute for Museums and Library Services (IMLS) launched a podcast series on "Libraries to the Rescue". Discussions focus on library solutions or actions to help Americans through
the economic crisis.

According to a news release from IMLS:
  • Five episodes cover how libraries are increasing access to key information through virtual libraries, the importance of broadband access, new partnerships between libraries and state and federal agencies to help citizens access all types of assistance.
  • Libraries to the Rescue episodes are short (12-15 minute), digestible audio episodes designed to educate the IMLS library audience.
  • Featured presenters are State Librarians for five states including North Carolina (Job Search Workshop), Michigan (Virtual e-Library for residents: tests, tutorials and more), New York (Research and Resource Base for jobs, inventions, new businesses), Washington (Project Hard Times), and Connecticut (Residents are cuttting costs by using the library for entertainment, programming, coping and cook books, magazines, books. Webjunction Connecticut resources.)
  • Libraries to the Rescue audio can be accessed on the IMLS Web site or through iTunes. See

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