Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Google's Book Grab - Brewster Kahle Editorial

Internet Archive director Brewster Kahle wrote a timely guest commentary on "Google is Committing a Book Grab: New York Court Ruling Could Change the Future of Libraries Forever". See the Viewpoint section of the Bay Area News' Contra Costa Times, Sunday May 24, 2009.

Over the years, I've visited Internet Archives from time to time, usually to use the "Wayback Machine" to see what various websites looked like in 1996 or so -- back in the early days of the web. Check out what you favorite website looked like back then -- just plug in your URL and select a date for a trip down memory lane.

Now, the Internet Archives captures and stores text, moving images, audio, and much more. This is a good time to learn more about open content vs commercial digitization projects and become vocal. Baynet Libraries featured Brewster earlier this month in San Francisco.

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