Monday, May 11, 2009

Book Recommendation Websites

The California School Library Association's listserv often has fun end-of-school posts. One theme was on book recommendation sites. Here they are:
  • Nancy Keane's "Readalike" website is full of book recommendations. You select a book from a list of: If you liked [this book]'ll like [these other books]. It includes lists of Readalikes, Read Alouds, Readership - targeted lists, school subjects, specialty lists, themes, and values. Acknowledgement at the end of the lists: The reading lists were started as part of a librarian collaborative project, All Together Now, begun by Dale Copps.
  • ATN (All Together Now) Collaborative WIKI - includes online videos.
  • TeenLinks at Hennepin County Library. Includes teen recommendations.
  • "This One Next" allow you to register and search a database for "What should I read next?" The registration page states: Enter a book you like and the site will analyse our database of real readers' favourite books (over 65,000 and growing) to suggest what you could read next. (You can register on the results page and build your own favourites list).

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