Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Library-based JobSearch Help Desk - North Carolina

In recognition of the role of public libraries in hard times, North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue announced a program for training public librarians to become "employment guides" in helping the public find jobs. The Public Library-based JobSearch Help Desk program recognizes that most employers no longer accept in-store, paper-based employment applications and that many job seekers go to the public library for guidance and Internet access.

The Governor's press release states: Getting our people back to work is my number one priority,” said Gov. Perdue. “More and more job seekers have turned to their public libraries for help to learn about and apply for jobs, creating a surge in demand. This project will make an immediate difference in our ability to help citizens.” The press release concludes "In addition to an increase in job searches, the State Library reports that nearly five million North Carolinians are card-carrying library users, and their use of libraries is up sharply. Growth in materials being checked out, customer visits, and especially Internet use at libraries continues a trend."

Library as a solution: employment research, job applications

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