Thursday, November 13, 2008

Top 10 Public Library Descriptors

When members of your community are looking for local services -- like plumbers, doctors, specialty stores -- the phone book is the #1 choice for Baby Boomers, but the Internet is where our younger generation looks.

How are public libraries defining and marketing their services? And, how are they reaching out to the community online? I've started asking public librarians for their key word descriptors. Do descriptors vary by state or region? I wonder. My goal is to identify a "Top 10" list of descriptors. This weekend is the annual California Library Association Conference, so I should get some new words to add to my starter list:
  • Book Clubs
  • Internet access
  • Business Research Services
  • Childrens Books and Storytimes
  • Genealogy
  • Project Read
  • Assistive Technology
  • Wireless Internet
  • OTHER?

Once a library identifies its key word descriptors -- for each of its branch libraries -- then it is time to add them to local online directories. Here is how to add to the YellowPages.COM. Share the "how to" with other public libraries and help build a common set of search terms for public library services.

Adding key descriptors for permanent programs is also a good strategy for your local businesses, so this is a good tip to promote in your Business Reference section.

1 comment:

annot8 said...

How about: wifi, computer classes, audiobooks, downloadable audiobooks, e-books, DVDs, art in public places, tax forms, legal forms, free ... all this stuff is what people at my branch ask for over and over.