Monday, September 1, 2008


Mimi Morris of Dayton Metro Library announced a new project called "Take It and
Read". Here is her description:

We have eight branches who are taking collections of books to "places of opportunity" where people find themselves sitting for awhile with nothing to do. We are using discards and gift books. Each book has a sticker that says:

Take It and Read
This book was donated by the Dayton Metro Library.
You don't need to check it out, just take it with you and read!
When you're done, share it with someone else, or return it to any Dayton
Metro Library.

Books have been placed in Laundromats, doctor's offices, barber shops, a local arts center, a local hospice, and similar spots. The Laundromat owner has asked us to refill his supply five times, and mentioned that he thinks his business has increased! Hospice featured the books in their recent newsletter, saying: "Patients and their visitors will benefit because they will be able to lose themselves, if even for a short time, in the spiritually restorative therapy gained from reading a good book".

Dayton Metro Library's program sounds something like the "Read-And-Release" program called BOOK CROSSING where individuals "release" or "set free" a book in a public place, post title and location on a website, and track its path around the world.

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