Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Virtual "READ" T-shirts for Librarian and Literacy-Loving Avatars

This is a big week for members of the California School Library Association and their friends who are participating or planning to participate in the free, online course, School Library Learning 2.0. This is a big week because today (drum roll…) there is a new, special T-shirt for Yahoo! Avatars that promotes literacy and reading. Get ready to check out and change into a stylish "READ" T-Shirt. Here is where to find the T-Shirts:
Go to http://avatars.yahoo.com/ ; Select the tab marked "extras" ; Click on "issues and causes."

Today (Tuesday, June 26, 2007), the first choice is a "READ" T-shirt for male and female avatars. How fun! It took an e-mail inquiry to Yahoo! to request the READ shirt, followed by a response asking for a national non-profit organization (I contacted Rachel Johnson of the American Library Association Graphics Department.) Here's a hearty "thank you" to Amanda at Yahoo! Avatars and Rachel at ALA Graphics for making magic T-shirts happen!

The interest in summertime learning is impressive. So far, there have been 17,000+ visits to the course from around the world! It is easy to participate in School Library Learning 2.0 by reading the introduction and ABOUT sections. Registration takes place in WEEK #2, THING #4, just after you create a librarian avatar and add it to your blog. Now, thanks to the new "READ" T-shirts for Yahoo! avatars, you will know just what to wear!

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